Cat and Dog Neuter and Spay in Oakland, CA

Cat and dog spay and neuter surgery lends valuable benefits for pets, their owners, and society at large. At our animal hospital in Oakland, we’re pleased to guide owners on this important procedure through pre-surgical consultations and customized care. After cat and dog neuter or spay surgery is complete, we offer detailed at-home care advice – the same as any other surgery with us.

A General Spay and Neuter Timeline

If you’ve recently adopted an intact cat or dog, please call (510) 339-2041 to schedule an examination with us as soon as possible. Depending on the type and breed of pet you have and their health condition, the age we recommend cat and dog neuter or spay surgery can vary:

  • For female pets, most should be spayed before their first heat cycle to avoid pregnancy and breast, uterine, or ovarian cancers.
  • In general, cats experience their first heat cycle earlier than dogs and can be spayed before five months old.
  • Healthy puppies can be spayed as young as five months old, but we may advise that larger breeds wait a little longer to ensure they’re fully developed.

If your puppy or kitten has an intestinal infection or is fighting another illness, surgery must be delayed until they are 100%. Please schedule a wellness visit with us to learn more.

a kitten rubbing up on a dog's chin

Contributing to a Higher Quality of Life

Both you and your pet receive benefits when they’re spayed or neutered. Their quality of life is increased when they’re less likely to become lost or injured due to roaming behavior, and you’ll rest easier knowing they’re less likely to run off. Urine marking is also significantly reduced or eliminated as well as yowling from heat cycles. When pets are consumed with mating, they experience higher stress levels and will likely feel more content after recovering from spay and neuter surgery.

Medical Benefits of Cat and Dog Neuter or Spay Surgery

Aside from the behavioral benefits of having a pet uninterested in the call of the wild, cat and dog neuter or spay surgery offers considerable medical benefits.

The medical benefits for female pets include:

  • The chances of developing mammary gland (breast) tumors are significantly reduced. Oftentimes, these tumors are malignant.
  • The chances of developing uterine and ovarian cancers are markedly decreased.
  • Unwanted pregnancies and litters are reduced or eliminated if done before the first heat cycle.

The medical benefits for male pets include:

  • The chances of developing testicular cancer are eliminated.
  • Prostate problems are significantly reduced.

Furthermore, we may recommend gastropexy at the same time as spay and neuter to avoid bloat – a sudden life-threatening condition that affects larger breed dogs. If you have any questions about cat and dog neuter or spay surgery or any of our other services, please call us at (510) 339-2041. We look forward to looking after and maximizing your pet’s health.