Halloween Pet Safety in Oakland, CA

Halloween is a favorite holiday among many, and it’s easy to see why. Who doesn’t enjoy sweet treats, flickering jack-o'-lanterns, and the chance to dress in costume? Still, it’s easy to get carried away with the fun and forget that some of the things that define Halloween can also be dangerous for our pets. Our animal hospital has provided some helpful Halloween pet safety tips below.

Candy and Other Sweets Are Not For Pets

The most important thing to remember is to store any candy and other sweets you have in a place where your pet can’t reach them. In addition to various types of chocolate, grapes/raisins, sugar-free gum, and candy are also extremely unsafe for pet consumption.

Additionally, the plastic wrappers and sticks that come with different kinds of candy can be choking hazards, or cause obstruction in the intestines. Dispose of wrappers and other non-edibles right away so your curious pet won’t attempt to swallow them.

black cat next to a pumpkin

Halloween Decorations and Your Pet

If you’re a big fan of decorating for Halloween, be mindful about what you’re using to create the perfect spooky atmosphere.

  • Avoid using flame candles, which can be knocked over or bumped into by a curious or unknowing pet. In addition to being capable of harming your pet, a toppled candle can also do damage to your home. Use artificial candles instead for safety (and peace of mind).
  • Small plastic decorations or decorations with detachable parts that are small enough to be swallowed should either be placed out of your pet’s reach or replaced with something safer (and less tempting as a plaything for your pet). Again, anything your pet can swallow has the potential to cause choking, obstruction, or internal injury.
  • If your pet is skittish or easily frightened, don’t use decorations that are overly scary. This includes life-size witches, skeletons or zombies.
  • Fake spiderwebs are another potential choking hazard for pets, and it can also create a tangled mess and be a safety hazard for wildlife if used outdoors.

Your Pet and Halloween Costumes

  • Don’t try to frighten your pet with a scary mask; this may cause them stress or even prompt them to react aggressively out of fear.
  • Don’t leave costume makeup and any small parts that go with the costume laying around where your pet might be able to reach them—just in case!
  • Not all pets like to wear costumes. If your pet shows obvious signs of discomfort while in costume, take it off right away. They’ll be glad you did!
  • If your pet likes wearing costumes, be sure to choose one that does not restrict their breathing or movement in any way.
dog wearing a witch halloween costume