Oakland Veterinary Services

Thornhill Pet Hospital first opened in 1966. Since that time, this one-doctor practice, now under the leadership of Dr. Charles Yang, has been serving the many pet families of Oakland. Though he is but one doctor, Dr. Yang’s team of veterinarians are also here to provide your pet with various veterinary services in Oakland. These range from routine checkups to dental care. Along with providing high-quality care that your pet deserves, being a one-doctor practice gives Thornhill Pet Hospital a chance to give you personalized service.

If you want your pet’s next checkup at a place where you will both be cared for personally, come to Thornhill Pet Hospital soon!

Our Veterinary Services

Thornhill Pet Hospital provides the following veterinary services in Oakland for all pets:

  • Pet wellness care, which depending on their age includes physical exams, vaccinations, testing and treating intestinal parasites, heartworm testing and prevention, and more
  • Senior wellness care for both dogs and cats, where we rely more on diagnostic testing for chronic conditions that may pop up due to age
  • Pet microchipping, which is a permanent ID required by the city of Oakland to be done before licensing your dog or cat
  • Diagnostic imaging, where we use digital x-rays and ultrasounds to look inside your pet for abnormalities
  • An in-house laboratory, where we provide pre-operative and pre-dental blood panels for your furry friends
  • Soft-tissue and orthopedic surgery
  • Pet dentistry services, which include exams and full teeth cleanings under anesthesia, as well as discussing how to provide dental care at home for them
  • Nutritional assessments are also available to both dogs and cats who need to be at a healthy weight

If you want to bring your pet to Thornhill Pet Hospital, contact us at (510) 339-2041 for an appointment.